Thursday, December 23, 2010

Facilitate ... with best wishes

During this holiday season, I enjoy giving and receiving best wishes to and from all I meet. Whether we say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, the intent of good will is heartily meant and felt. During a recent walk with my two dogs in a snowy wintry wonderland, I found myself thinking about how best wishes apply in my facilitation work. I know that I go into each facilitation session with the intent of best wishes. I want to do my best work to help individuals and groups explore questions, seek understanding, listen to others, and reach meaningful decisions.

I firmly believe that most people I interact with also act within the intent of best wishes. Yes, there are exceptions! A few “humbugs” can be heard or seen within facilitated sessions. However, these Scrooge-like individuals often have a valid reason for their emotions, and through genuine conversation, they often exhibit more positive attitudes.

As I enjoy another deeply meaningful Christmas season, I plan to reinforce best wishes to all in my personal and professional lives.

As my son said in our family Christmas letter,

Merry whatever holiday you celebrate to all!

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