Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Facilitate ... with graphic recording

I can draw!  Stick people, star people, banners, scrolls, arrows, mountain tops!   Last week, I participated in a 1½ day Graphic Recording workshop  hosted by Conscious Brands (http://www.consciousbrands.com) and instructed by Kara Stonehouse with AHA! Graphic Facilitation (http://blog.ahagraphic.com).  While I learned that I am not able to draw a picture of a verbal comment quickly enough to record all conversations in “real-time”, I did learn that I can enhance my recording style tremendously by using graphic recording. 

 I have always used images, graphics, and pictures in my facilitation sessions.  I involve participants in drawing pictures and selecting images to convey ideas; I draw rough images to depict a concept such as mountain tops for reaching goals.  However, from the “I Can Draw – Live! Workshop”, I gained new skills and increased my confidence to incorporate more graphic recording.

Graphic recording “involves capturing people's ideas and expressions—in words, images and color—as they are being spoken in the moment.”  (Source:  The World CafĂ© http://www.theworldcafe.com/graphics.html).  A graphic recorder draws images and symbols, employs different fonts and colours, and uses a variety of drawing tools to visually record notes during a discussion, a presentation, or conversation.

In the workshop, Instructor Kara professionally and playfully led us through visually recording activities.  We started by drawing star people and progressed to the final challenge: graphically recording an eight minute speech.  Kara’s message was that we can draw – live! 

Here are several of my graphic recordings .


 I love the way that visual images heighten awareness of a conversation; give a different perspective to written and spoken words; records a conversation; and conveys fun and flair!  I will select,  practice drawing, and regularly use 10 to 20 images such as:

 ·       Group of people for teams, families, community
·         Mountain tops for visions and goals
·         Bulls-eye for goals
·         Arrows for direction
·         Pathways for travelling

 I will use graphic recording when it fits the purpose of the facilitated session and enhances the record of information for the group.

My facilitation blog questions:  Which of my images do you like?!  How do you use or could use graphic recording?